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Local Government Web Content

Whether Unitary, County, City, District, or Town Council, value for money is important in local government. Riverdocs can help deliver cost effective accessible document content for websites.

Website Accessibility

Local Authorities have legal duties relating to disability. These obligations are set out in the disability equality duty.

It is unlawful to discriminate in providing services to the public on the grounds of sex, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, and religion or belief. Discrimination in providing services means:

  • refusing to provide a service
  • providing a lower standard of service or
  • offering a service on different terms than you would to other people.

To learn more see the Human Right Rights Commision website

Your website is a key infortmation service your provide. You should make sure that your website is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Only providing information in PDF online can mean that you are offering a service at a lower standard or on different terms than you would for other people.

Whether it is for converting a single document or creating a whole website for a specific purpose, such as a Development Plan, using Riverdocs to convert DOC and PDF files to accessible web pages will give all your users the content they want in a way that is easy for them to access.

Benefits of Accessible Online Documents

Converting PDF and Word files to HTML will also:

  1. Help reduce the cost of printing and mailing hard copies
  2. Improve the search performance of the whole Council website
  3. Allow the content to be accessed by mobile devices

Our proven expertise has saved costs for our customer, cut down processing time and made publishing easy, whether through a CMS or as a stand alone website